Saturday, March 4, 2017

An Old Man And His Wife Had Been Married For Many Years

An old man and his wife had been married for many years.

In their later years, they were tired of each other and were always grouchy.

For all the years they've been married, the wife would always make the man eggs for breakfast.

One day she set the plate in front of him and they were over easy.

The man looks at the plate and gets angry and says "I didn't want over easy I wanted scrambled!" But ate them anyways.

So the next morning the wife made scrambled eggs and set the plate in front of him.

The man looks down and says "I didn't want scrambled, I wanted over easy!" And angrily ate them.

So the next day, the wife decided to make one egg scrambled and one over easy.

She sets the plate in front of him, and he looks down at the plate and after a few seconds says "you scrambled the wrong one!"

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