Saturday, April 29, 2017

4 Old Ladies Are Pulled Over

4 old ladies are pulled over on the highway...

They're pulled over, because they're only going 17 mph, which isn't safe on a highway. The cop points this out to the one driving, and she says,

"Oh I'm sorry, officer. I thought that was the speed limit."
"No, that was the highway number. The speed limit is 80 mph, but you have to go at least 45 mph."
"Thank you officer."

Just then, the cop looks at the backseat, where the other three old ladies are. They're very pale, and shuddering, with scared looks on their faces. None of them are moving, and they're practically hyperventilating.

"What happened to them?" The cop asked.
"Oh, you'll have to excuse them, officer," the driver explains. "We just got off of highway 124."

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