Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thirteen More Short Jokes

What's the difference between an innuendo and a fart?
One is winky, the other is stinky.

There something I don't like about the tree in my font yard.
Seems kinda shady!

What did the buffalo say to his son the day he left for college?

Due to sexual dimorphism, some male species of insects are larger than their female counterparts.
They behemoths

Knock knock
Who's there?
Dishes who?
Dishes a very bad joke.

What's a ghosts favorite food?
A boo-rito

When talking to the hiring manager, she said...
'Forget everything you learned in college. You won't need it working here.'
'But I never went to college.'
'Well then, I'm sorry. You are underqualified to work here.'

The oldest computer...
The oldest computer can be traced to Adam and Eve.
Yes, it was an Apple.
But with an extremely limited memory.
Just one byte.
Then everything crashed.

Better throw out this sauce because it's about to expire.
It's simply the "Time of the Ancient Marinana"

Did you know that if you took all the men who died while constructing the Hoover Dam and stood them all on top of each other...
... you'd be arrested.

God allows animals to ask him one question...
The giraffe: God why do I have this long neck? God: to be able to get the finest leaves.
The rihno: why is my skin so heavy and thick? God: because your skin is your armor and its role is to protect you from your enemies.
The chicken: I don't care, so please don't even try explain! You make the hole bigger or the egg smaller.

I became addicted to gambling when I visited the Himalayas...
What can I say? I like Tibet.

My phone fell from the 25th floor,
Good thing it was in airplane mode.

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