Sunday, April 9, 2017

There is a guy who got pulled over speeding.

There is a guy who got pulled over for speeding.

The cop comes up to the man and asks, "why were you speeding today sir?"

The man replies, "I'm a juggler in a circus, and I'm late for my next show. I apologize. I assume you'll be needing my license and registration."

The cop looks intrigued, and says "Whoa, hold on a sec. my daughter loves juggling! If you let me film you for a minute and send it to my daughter, I'll let you go with a warning."

The juggler says, "Officer, I don't have my equipment with me, i had to ship it separately."

The officer thinks for a minute, and brings back five flares from his car and lights them.

The juggler effortlessly starts to toss and catch the flaming flares and the officer is very impressed.

Meanwhile, another man driving by pulls over and stops his car. he gets out, stumbles into the back seat of the police car, and closes the door. the officer slowly approaches, hand on his gun, and says "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to slowly step out of the vehicle."

The man looks at the cop and chuckles, his words slurred, "Sorry officer but I ain't never gonna pass that new sobriety test you got there"

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