Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Man Sitting At A Bar Pulls A Frog Out Of His Pocket

A man at a bar pulls a frog out of his jacket pocket and sits him on the bar. Then he pulls a tiny piano out of his pocket. The frog begins playing the piano magnificently.

Another bloke at the bar is amazed. "That's incredible! I'll pay you whatever you want to buy this frog from you."
"This frog is not for sale." says the man. "But I have something else you might like."

The man then reaches into a third pocket and pulls out a squirrel. The frog continues to play the piano and the squirrel starts singing. Again, the other bloke is impressed.

"Wow! How much for the singing squirrel, my friend?"
"I'll give him to you for $200."
"That's a deal!"

The bloke pays the man his $200, takes the squirrel and leaves the bar.
The bartender looks at the man shocked. "How could you sell that singing squirrel for such a low price!"

The man looks at him and says, "Easy. The frog is a ventriloquist too."

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