Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dancers use 5, 6, 7, 8... because musicians use 1, 2, 3, 4

One for the ladies, and a short one for the guys

A woman hears a noise

She thinks it's and intruder and decides to call the cops.
The dispatch officer asks her if she saw anything.

She replies she only heard it but that she is sure someone is in her house because she can hear footsteps.
The dispatch said that they would send the next available officer but that they were a little occupied at the moment and the closest officer was about 45 minutes away but will be on their way soon. The officer tells the woman to hide and stay quiet and disconnects the call.

The women in fear for her life cant believe what she just heard. There is someone in her house and now she is alone. So the woman picks up the phone again and dials the police once more.

The same dispatch officer picks up.

WOMAN: "I am the woman that just called regarding the person inside my home."

DO: "Yes, man. Are you still safe?"

WOMAN: "Yes, I was calling to actually tell you do not worry about sending an officer anymore, just an ambulance please. I shot and killed the man intruding in my home."

DO: "Wait..."

The woman hangs the phone up. 5 minutes later she hears a knock at her door. It's the police.

They begin to ask where is the man that has been shot is at?
 The woman says no man has been shot.

The officer says we were told there had been a man shot .
The woman says yeah I was also told you were 45 minutes away.

Women are like razors guys use them to look more manly

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