Saturday, May 5, 2018

What country is next to USA? USB

The king of the insect kingdom is feeling depressed...

So he asks his advisors for help. The king says, "Oh, advisors, I am feeling quite sad. Our life is so short as insects and we don't do anything but work!"

The advisors tell him that he needs to find the best joke ever to cheer him up. The king thinks this is a good idea so he travels the kingdom to the different tribes in search of the joke. Each tribe knows only one joke that they have kept for years.

First, he goes to the Super Beetles tribe and asks them for their joke. They start saying, "There was a man who really likes this nun on a bus..." The king says, "Already heard it!" and leaves.

Next, he goes to the Large Ladybugs tribe. They tell him, "A fancy restaurant is hiring a new pianist..." The king says, "Already heard it!" and leaves.

Finally, he goes to the Monstrous Mosquito tribe and they tell him, "A man named Dave tells his boss that everyone knows him..." The king says, "Already heard it!" and leaves.

He dejectedly returns home and tells his advisors that all of the jokes have been told before. The advisors consult their sacred textbooks and find what they were looking for.

"Aha! We know who has the best joke now! The real joke lies with the Come Ants!

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