Sunday, May 6, 2018

Name a word with a letter in it. Envelope

So there was this man.

He was a from Portugal and every time he had to go somewhere, he would knock on the door.

His friends were intrigued by this and one day they finally decided to ask hy he didn't use the bell. "I don't know why, but there's something about bells that I just can't stand."

Later that day he a competition about you could knock on doors faster and he thought "Finally I found something just for someone like me"

And he was right.

He went in and started competing and nothing could stand in his way. He practiced day and night and went to every competition he could and noone could stand in his way to becoming the best and fastest door knocker in the world.

Then he was finally good enough.

He got to the world finnal and was against his nemesis. Both knocked vigourasly at rate of 500 knocks per minute.

And then he won, his hate for bells had finally amounted to something after all those years of misery.

It was worth it because he won a NoBell prize.

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