Saturday, September 8, 2018

3 geese hit their headwalk on a metal rod at the Fowl bar. The fourth one ducks.

Joe went on vacation to Cuba and asked his best friend to care of his mom and his cat.
After a week in Cuba, Joe gets a call from his friend.

Joe: Hey what's up man, how's everything back home?
Friend: Your cat died.

Joe: What?! You can't just call me and tell me my cat died.
    You could have made a first call and say: "Your cat is stuck in a tree and won't come down.
    Then a second call where you would say: "Your cat broke his foot while trying to come down."
    Finally, you could have made a third call and then said: "Your cat died."
But on the first call, that's just too blunt man. Anyways, how's my mom?

Friend: Your mom is stuck in a tree and won't come down.

On The Other Hand...

I lost my watch at a party once. Saw a guy stepping on it while harassing a girl.
I walked up to the dude, punched him straight in the nose. No one does that to a girl.. not on my watch

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