Saturday, May 4, 2019

A skeleton walks into a pub and he asks for a pint and a mop.

Ladies, I think you just may get a chuckle out of this one...

20-Year double-blind university study in Sweden on the effects of diet on sex drive

Have you heard about this new study?

Researchers in Sweden tracked 2,000 couples from the moment they first started dating out to twenty (20) years forward.

Obviously, most of the couples ended up getting divorced, but their behavior and health was still tracked throughout the study.

There were many interesting findings, all available in the Swedish Journal of Human Sexuality and Reproductive Health. Yet, the one that caught everyone’s attention was the effect one particular kind of food had almost exclusively on women.

Regardless if women ate a lot or just a few bites of this food, practically all women in the study, across all ages, ethnic backgrounds and controlling for other factors, exhibited significant increases in total body fat percentage and a simultaneous nearly total loss of their sex drive.

The culprit food? Wedding cake.

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