Sunday, July 21, 2019

I’m addicted to break fluid. Don’t worry, I can stop at any time.

This kind of story.  Well, of course it made me laugh, but a sly laugh.  You see, it's important to listen, no matter who or what you are or what you think you are.

After all someone may just be able to teach you something.

The DEA search an old man's farm.

A DEA agent rolls up to a farm and speaks to the old farmer: "Sir we have received an anonymous tip off that you may be storing illegal drugs on your property. I have a warrant here to search your entire farm."

The farmer replies: "This is outrageous! I'm just a poor old man trying to earn a living, I have nothing to do with drugs. Get off my property."

At this the DEA agent becomes annoyed and pulls out the warrant: "Sir this warrant allows me search this entire property, if you attempt to hinder my investigation, you will be put under arrest."

The farmer, accepting defeat, replies: "Ok fine, search all you want, I won't get in your way. Oh, but whatever you do, don't go into that far field over there."

The DEA explodes with anger at this, gets right up in the farmer's face waving his warrant: "I AM AN OFFICER OF THE LAW! THIS WARRANT GIVES ME THE POWER TO SEARCH EVERY INCH OF THIS FARM, AND THAT'S WHAT i'M GONNA DO. NOTHING CAN STOP ME!"

So the farmer gives up and lets the agent carry out his investigation. After some time the agent has searched almost all of the property and found nothing illegal. The only place left to search was the far field the farmer had warned him about. As the DEA agent is walking towards it, the old farmer chimes in again: "Officer I am only saying this for your own good, do not go into that field."


The farmer is calm and just replies: "Ok, don't say you weren't warned."

So the DEA agent climbs the fence into the field. He searches around and again finds nothing. Determined not to be defeated, the agent walks to the very far end of the field in hopes of finding something. Seconds later the farmer sees him running back towards him in a massive panic, and the farmer knew exactly why. His massive bull Bruce lived in that field, and he was a grumpy old bull. The DEA agent shouts at the farmer: "HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!"

The farmer shouts over to him: QUICKLY!, SHOW HIM YOUR WARRANT!"

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