Sunday, August 9, 2020

My friend’s bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.

The thing about the roads pretty much everywhere is that in this day and age, people are trying to convince us to take mass transport or to, gasp, walk.  Roads are more crowded, people are more hurried, and it just adds to the general chaos we have in society.  

A man was driving home from work when he got a call from his wife...

“Be careful, honey,” she said. “I saw on the news that there’s some idiot going the wrong way on the highway that you take to get home.”

The man was confused.

“What do you mean?” he said. “There isn’t one person going the wrong way, there are hundreds of them!”



And since it is sunday and I am feeling a bit generous, before I go into the kitchen and see what I have around to make for lunch, here's a story about a fish and an ant.


Once upon a time a lonely ant met a handsome fish. Despite everyone telling them it was wrong, they fell in love.

One day they eloped and moved into a cottage by a pond. Their only neighbor was Mr. Frog

They lived many happy years together and then something unexpected happened; they had a baby.

They were so happy and their child grew up to be most peculiar. It seemed he could do anything he put his mind to.

He got straight A's in school. He had two part time jobs. He was the star player on three sports teams. And he volunteered around the community.

Mr. Toad was amazed at him. One day he pulled the child aside and asked, "How do you have time for everything you do?"

And the child said, "Well, I guess its because I'm a fish-ant."


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