Sunday, August 2, 2020

Random Hurricane Thoughts on Isiais

This is one of those things that you do if you are a blogger.  You have a self imposed schedule and you put in place holder articles so that you may maintain it.
On the other hand, Nothing really happened here because of the storm.  We're safe here, my friends, my town, my neighbors are all safe.  I understand it's weakening so I believe that the Bahamas should be fine, although I have not seen anything crop up on the news services.

Never mind, I wrote this blather, and I shall let it go live!  Live on!  Live on, little blog posting that few shall ever read!!!!

First off, "ain't nobody" can say that damn name.  Two years down the line, people will still be saying it wrong.

So here it is Saturday Morning, and the storm is working it's way up through the Bahamas.  I expected it to be here, and to be in My Chair By The Window watching the weather but only two feeder bands.

Now they are expecting the thing to skitter along the coast and never quite make landfall here in Florida.  It's already hit the Bahamas, and I haven't heard any reports from there yet.

The joke in my family is that it's going to Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton.  That is the apparent southernmost limit of where the freezing weather can get.  I'm about 8 miles south of that, and that it is just someone at the Weather Service playing around with me and the rest of us here.

Ok, so I am stretching the point and have a bit of OCD about that particular place.  Besides, it is August, and the warmest week of the year starts on August 7th so no worries about freezes.

So far so good.  Here in Wilton Manors, we expect nothing worse than tropical storm force winds.  I have stowed the Orchids that haven't grown the roots to the fence, the Lean-To shade is stored, and I have thrown the plastic yard furniture into the pool.

That furniture bleaches up real nicely in the salt system that we have back there and will be clean for the next one.

This isn't to say that a Tropical Storm can not hurt you.  Please take appropriate care.

If you see this either my power went out or I decided on Sunday Morning that it's better than putting a joke out there.

But since you expect that out of me on a weekend, this is appropriate so it just may stay!

A woman brings her son to the beach

She fusses over him and tells him to be careful when he goes in the water.
Suddenly she sees a wave hit him and the ocean pulls him under.
The woman screams and runs to the water.
Falling to her knees she begs God, “dear lord, please bring my only son back to me. Please lord, he’s all I have in my life.”
Moments later the sun shines down from beyond the clouds and the boy, coughing but alive, steps out of the water.
The mother looks up at the sky and yells “he had a hat!”

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