Sunday, August 30, 2020

How do you cut an ocean in half? With a seasaw!

I'm not a fisherman.  I have thought that my speed would be to have a patio that leans over a river into which I could flick a line, but that would require a lot of planning, and maybe a construction permit or three.   
On the other hand these two clowns...

Two guys go on a fishing trip

Two guys, Sheldon and Howard, go on a fishing trip. They start looking for fishes near the ocean. They spend 2 hours finding fishes but don't find any. At that time another ship goes by their ship. They ask the captain of the other ship where they could find fishes.

The captain replies: "You wont find any good fishes in this saline area. Keep going straight ahead and you will hit a fresh water lake"

Sheldon: "Okay sir! Thank you!"

They start moving.

Sheldon asks Howard to take a bucket of water out of the waters and taste it to determine if they had reached the fresh waters.

Howard: "This water is saline"

They move ahead.

Sheldon asks Howard to check the water and finds it is still saline.

They keep going for 4 more hours when Sheldon asks Howard to check the water again,

Howard: "Hold on, let me re-fill the bucket"

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