Wednesday, September 2, 2020

ASMR - An Hour At The Pool Video

I'm sitting here early watching this video upload to Youtube.

I don't really understand the attraction of this kind of thing.  It's called ASMR which is "Autonomous sensory meridian response". 

It's that tingly feeling you get when you hear or see something that excites you on a low level.

Or perhaps not.  I get this same kind of feedback while listening to Uplifting Trance during a Skate Workout, but I have been training hard since 1993.  You know, runner's highs are a wonderful thing.

I can see this being interesting in the middle of winter when you are sitting at a desk and have not seen sun in months.

I also can see at least two or three other similar videos that I can make from the comfort of my own backyard.   

At 6.2 GB per hour for full HD at 60FPS, it's been a long upload.

The video was shot with a camera I have here, obviously, then brought onto my Linux system where I added title cards, and watermarks via OpenShot and Inkscape.  It's possible to do professional video processing on a 7 year old hand-me-down "commodity" laptop running Debian Linux and all the software above.  Nothing bought, nothing Proprietary.

So Enjoy if it is your kind of thing.  For now I'm going to get up and get something to drink as Youtube is telling me I have another hour before the upload is done!

Now that it's done and processing... Whew! 

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