Friday, December 25, 2020

Happy Holidays from Ramblingmoose

Happy Holidays from me and my house to you and yours. 

May your 2021 be happy, and especially healthy in this difficult time.

It is early and we're already preparing the midday feast of roast chicken with stuffing and probably other oddball veg.  I'm thinking I'll be chewing off my leg somewhere around 10:30.

So if you see me hobbling around here, it was a good one.  Doggone stuff already smells good at 9AM!

Oh, the picture?  It is dated 2018.  I rather like it but a helpful hint here, don't depend on online services to keep your pictures or even your data.  Google of all things lost a good 10 percent of the pictures I had on here since 2009. 

Always keep a backup!  Or If you don't have it, you may lose it!

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