Sunday, December 6, 2020

I turned the fan off because I was cold. Everyone in the helicopter was shocked!

 Ok, I know people like that.  I'm cold, turn off the fan.... And... BOOM!


Somewhere in a back road

My vehicle stopped working.
I open the hood to see if I could see any trouble. 

While I was looking into the motor, I heard a voice and said "it's the distributor, you have a bad one"
I responded while trying to see who said that "do you really think so?"

But there was nobody there except a white horse with a black spot on the forehead.
I said "hello" then the horse came closer and looking into my motor he said "it's the distributor you have a bad one".

I could not believe what I saw so I started running until I came into a small pub.
I went in there were a few locals there. 

I told the bartender what happened.
Everyone in the pub starting laughing.

The bartender looked at me and ask "was it a white horse with a black spot in the forehead?
To which I responded "YES! YES! That's the one!"

The bartender then said " oh that's Ralph don't listen to him, he doesn't know anything about mechanics"

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