Sunday, December 20, 2020

Why did the kid cross the amusement park? To get to the other ride.


A policeman goes home to his wife in the evening after work. 

Exhausted, he enters the dark bedroom and strips out of his uniform, leaving it on the floor. 

He looks for the light switch but figures his wife is laying in bed and decides not to disturb her. 

Just before he's about to get into bed, his wife speaks:

    Honey, can you run down to the corner shop and buy bread, so I can make breakfast for the kids tomorrow?

-Fine, but you should have mentioned earlier - says the husband while putting the uniform on again

He runs down to the shop, gets the bread and exchanges small talk with the guy at the counter

New job? - asks the cashier

Nah, why do you ask?

Ah, I could have sworn you were a policeman, but that's definitely a fireman uniform.

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