Wednesday, February 17, 2021

My Job Is To Watch. I Am Rack.

I have a job.  I watch.

I watch everything.  My people, the passersby, the house.

I see you go by every day and I am happy to see you.  

You are a friend.  If you weren't I would let my people know.

Once, you came to my door, and I told my people.  They were surprised but it is my job.  I made sure Dad knew and he made things right.  He got you home, and that is a good thing.

Dad tells me I'm good, and this is how I am.  I do good things.

Now when you visit, you let Dad take you home right off and that is a good thing.

I watch that door, it is my place, it is my job.  He has said I can be there so it is one of my favorite places.

If I am there, I can see the world.  The world can be scary with lots of noisy things.  When Dad came to take, he picked me up and carried me to that door.  He said "You will always be welcome here, safe here.  Welcome home."

I never had a home.  When I was young and not yet full grown, someone had me and did not understand that we don't always like loud things. 

Then he took me to a place far away and left me with someone else.  I liked them, there were lots of people to fuss over me, to heal my wounds, to make me better.

Dad found me on some place he called Online.  It must be a big place this Online.  I heard him say there were lots of others still waiting but very few like me.

Dad likes what he calls Cow Dogs or Working Dogs.  Dad says they are smarter.  That means I'm smart too!  

We went a long way to where Dad lives in the warm place.  Lots of things to do, lots of things to see, even that lake in our place.  He took me into that lake once to make sure I could be safe.  I was and he does not make me go in there any more.  

I can watch him in the lake.  I like that.   I lay in the deep green grass, under the trees where it is cool.  Next to the flowers.  

When he goes into the water, I worry but he always comes out safe.  He knows that he can count on me to watch.

Always I watch.  

I don't like it when he goes away, so I wait.  I don't think he knows how much I want to go with him but always I get excited when he comes back.  

I try to tell him.  He says I can't talk but I try.  He calls it "Yodeling".  Do you know what Yodeling is?  I try to say "Hello" but he says "Scooby Doo can't talk either, it's all right".

It is easier when I know what is happening.  Sometimes I hear "I'm Going Skating".  I don't know what that means but since Dad likes it, I like it too.  I can't come.  He says I am a Sprinter, and it is too much.  So I wait in my place and watch.

But being a Cow Dog is a great thing.  He says I am the smartest of all kinds of dogs.  Something called a McNab.  I guess not everyone can be a McNab.  I wonder if that's Dad's name too or is it just something special for him to say?

Well anyway I'm going to let him know that someone is here.  He says I'm going to sing the song of my people.  When I do that, he tells me to go into the bedroom but I can't do my job from there.

This time, I'll be quieter about it.  If I do I can stay in my favorite place.  Next to Dad and on my mat next to him.

Yep, it's my job.  It's much better than being outside on a farm.  I know others that did not like being on a farm and they just walked off.  Maybe that is how they end up on that Online Place?

And sometimes, once in a while, Dad sneaks me something good, just because I am a good boy.   Extra special just like me!

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