Sunday, February 21, 2021

Autocorrect walks into a bar. DUCK!

 Having just come back from a dog walk, I can say I have seen too many Ducks.  Anyone know of a good Chinese Takeaway that serves a tasty Crispy Orange Duck?

Didn't think so!

Spring Fishing

Three guys were out fishing and drinking beer one fine early Spring morning. The lake's ice was now completely melted and the sun shone bright.

As one of the guys stood to pee he lost his balance and teetered overboard. When he hadn't surfaced after a few moments one of his friends dove in to try to rescue him.

Minutes later the rescuer pulled his unconscious friend to the surface and rolled him into the boat.

The third guy immediately began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seconds later he stopped and said, "Man, I don't remember his breath being so bad!"

The other guy replied, "Yeah, and I don't remember him wearing a snowmobile suit either!"

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