Sunday, February 14, 2021

I used to be possessed by many spirits...I drank them all.

 If you waited this long for your valentine, you are probably too late.  Quick, start making pancakes!

I will say I had a very nice conversation with someone who I care for yesterday who gave me some ideas on how to make some specific chocolates.  Of course I'll share them here when I get them done, and really chocolate making is trivial, just remember that your results will only be as good as the ingredients like anything in life.



Woman gets test results for her husband from the doctor

Doctor: Well, ma'am, your husband can live a long and healthy life, but we have to observe a strict regimen for him, or he won't. First, no agitation. His heart doesn't take that well, so you have to speak quietly and softly to him, don't require him to make any hasty moves, don't wake him rudely and most of all, don't yell at him suddenly. He needs three good meals per day and you have to cook them according to the exact preparation specifications detailed in this folder.

This continues for almost half an hour. The woman nods and goes home where her husband is waiting for her, asking "What did the doctor say?"

Wife: "He said you're gonna die".



And because the world is not as cynical as that story, I have another cynical one for you.  Enjoy your chocolate.



The Magic Drawer

Before their marriage, the groom told his wife that he will marry her on the condition that he will have one drawer in the home which only he may open. She may never open up the drawer. She was very interested to know what he might be hiding in the drawer, but she agreed.

Ten years past, and she hadn't yet opened the drawer. One day, when her husband was traveling overseas, she couldn't control her curiosity anymore. Even though she waited ten years, she had to know what was in the drawer. She opened it and found three eggs, with a wallet filled with thousands of dollars.

She telephoned her husband immediately and said, "I'm sorry, I feel so terrible, but I couldn't control myself anymore. I opened the drawer. But please tell me what are the eggs for?'"

Her husband replied, "Before we got married I vowed that every time I lied to you, I would place one egg into the drawer."

"Wow," she replied. "After all these years you only told me three lies! I'm impressed. So what's all that money about?"

Her husband replied, "When the drawer gets full, I sell the eggs."

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