Sunday, February 7, 2021

When is a door not a door? When it's a jar.

 Reminds me of the first cars with a talking warning.  "Your Door (pause) Is A Jar!"  No, my door is a door and I won't fit in a jar you stupid car!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame had died

The priests realized they would need a new person to ring the bells. They decided to hold auditions. After advertising the position in the town center there was a long line of peasants waiting to try out the next day.

One by one the priests called the peasants forward to pull the rope, ring the bells and make their case that they should get the late hunchback's position. Some were terrible, others were better but none could match the old hunchback's abilities.

After a long day and no success the priests called the last man forward. But looking at the man they realized he would never do.

"You've got no arms!"

They cried.

"How will you ever pull the rope?"

"Give me one chance father and I'm sure you will be pleased"

So relenting, the priests allowed the man to come forward. He quickly ran past the rope, up the bell tower and proceeded to run at the full speed toward the bells, slamming his head into them. The priests who had followed were certain from the impact the man would be knocked out cold but he remained on his feet and what's more, continued to slam his head into the bells repeatedly.

The priests stood shocked at this odd man's behavior. But soon their ears tuned in to the sound he was creating with his repeated skull-cracking blows. It was music, it was wonderful! They had to admit he might even be better than the old hunchback.

The priests were delighted. But as the man prepared to strike his head for a final note, he took one step to far back, tripped over the railing and plunged down the bell tower to his death. Staring over the edge the priests were in shock by this turn of events.

"Tis a shame..."

Said one priest.

"Did you know the man?"

Said the other.

"No, but his face sure rings a bell"

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