Sunday, March 21, 2021

I once worked at a cheap pizzeria to get by. I kneaded the dough.

 It is Sunday.  Sundays here tend to be Pizza Days, although it does not guarantee that we will have an Italian Specialty.  

Now to have a good pizza you need a good sauce.  The Pizza here in South Florida tends to be kind of flat tasting to me, and coming from Philadelphia area, I know good pizza.  This Sauce recipe is as good as most from Up North and better than most.

On the other hand, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon cooking.  8 pounds of beans are easy in the pressure cooker just like this little old church lady needed to have.  That kid of hers would never have caused this to happen if she had one, he couldn't get in trouble!

One of the patrons of the church was cooking a pot of her famous beans for the church potluck. 

Her son, Little Johnny, came running through the house, BB gun in one hand, and a handful of BBs in the other.
He tripped and the BBs, naturally, went right into the pot of beans.
Thinking it over, Little Johnny could think of no reason why he should risk punishment, so he said nothing.

The dinner went well, and, as usual, the beans were one of the favorite dishes.

The next day, the church secretary, Mary, called Little Johnny's mother and said, "Jane, your beans were delicious as usual, but what did you put in them this time?"
Jane replied, "Nothing new, why do you ask?"
"Well," said Mary, "this morning I bent over to feed the cat, and shot the canary!"

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