Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mango Harvest and Lowering the Tree

It is so common here that it is a meme.

A meme I'll clean up.

If you want fruit from your own tree, plant it behind the fence in the back yard.

Mind you, I'm guilty of this as well.  There are Mango trees near here that I have permission to "take as much as you want".  The good ones, the Hagen Mangoes.

My tree is a Cogshall.  It is a condo mango and it won't grow as fast and massively as the Hagen, so I can manage the tree like anyone else.  I will plant a Mango Pit or four and I have a request from a fine lady here in town who would like to try. 

Need a Mango Pit?  Let me know if you're near me.   After all, they are Tropical and won't survive a winter out of Florida unprotected.

I put my own tree in the back yard a couple years back.  I have a crowded yard, that pool that nobody uses is taking up most of the area.  So if I want fruit, I have to stick with either containers or the one spot that I planted that mango tree.

I checked.  I chopped it back two years ago, and this year I got 44 Mangoes.  They are on my room divider and while I will eat most, many will end up as Mango Jam. 

The recipe for Mango Jam is here.  It is trivial to make and I will be canning them for later use.  I don't buy much Jams and Jellies here.  I have a Lemon Curd recipe that is simply awesome for any citrus jam that I can make in the Microwave.  

Has anyone found any Key Limes?  I really don't want to try to find room for another tree!

I also have friends who know I strongly prefer homemade to store bought so I get a Care Package from time to time.

But that first picture of the tree?  That's what I had before the Harvest, and this one here is how far I cut it back.  I'd say by half.  I doubt I will get enough to make Jam from next year.

Got a tree I can pick from next year?  Much obliged!

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