Sunday, May 23, 2021

My friend really changed once she became a vegetarian. It's like I've never seen herbivore.

 I used to ride a Motorcycle.  I truly enjoyed it, but only when I was far away from the big cities.

Living in Suburban Philadelphia, getting away from the Big Cities was a truly difficult task in itself.  

Having a Honda Goldwing Interstate, it was meant for cruising distances, so I would get away and fly.  Flying is how I would describe it.  If you were... left alone on the highway, feet on the foot pegs, radio going on your favorite kind of music, it really was like that.

I guess, I'm something of an adrenalin junkie, honestly.  Between Skating, Running, Biking, riding that Motor, and a lot of other things.  Even the car I drive, a Jeep Wrangler TJ, you can pop the top off and enjoy the environment.

So I truly get this little story.  Someone really should have sat Johnny down and given him a talk, but hey that's what being 16 is all about, right?

The Race!

Johnny was 16 years old and wanted a motorcycle really bad. 

But his parents said he couldn't get one until he graduated from high school.
So, he saved up all his money, and when graduation day came, he threw his graduate cap up in the air and walked right down to the nearest Harley Davidson dealer and bought his dream bike with a 1200cc engine. 

He immediately put on his mirrored glasses, black leather gloves, white tee-shirt and jeans (I guess this was in the 70's) and started to cruise around town looking for someone to race.
But it started to get dark, and as he was about to make a right turn at a stop light and go home, this moped pulls up right next to him. 

The driver could not be more of a nerd - thick glasses, pimples, pant suspenders and a bow tie!
Johnny thought, well I wanted more of a challenge, but lets see how badly I can leave this guy in the dust!

So the light turns green and Johnny nails it! First gear.....second gear....third gear.....Johnny hit 60mph in 3 seconds flat!
A smile came over Johnny's face as he thought about all the smoke the moped guy must be choking on.
Then suddenly, something went flashing by was the moped! 

Johnny was like, wait...mopeds have a governor on them so they can only do 30mph tops, WHAT?
So, johnny punched it down into second gear and throttled it up! He passed the moped with dazzling speed.
And just as johnny was saying to himself "yeah, I showed him!", the moped passed him again at like twice the speed of Johnny! 

Johnny now became furious and opened it up all the way - his face looked like he was pulling 5g's as he passed the moped yet again.
Sure enough, 2 seconds later the moped whizzes by him as if Johnny was standing still!

Johnny got so upset, that he pulled over and started to kick his new bike, yelling "you piece of junk...I can't believe I spent all that money on you and you can't even beat a stupid moped!" 

A minute later the guy on the moped pulls up and says "I'm glad you finally stopped because my suspenders were caught on the back of your bike!"

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