Sunday, May 30, 2021

The English language can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

 Having just finished my Spanish lesson for the day, yes, I think that English is just strange.  Spanish is more ordered and elegant.

The royal calligrapher's apprentice.

In the late 1400s there was a young man named Pablo.
He was apprenticed to the royal calligrapher for the king of Spain.
One day the royal calligrapher gathered his apprentices for a lesson.

"Any letter penned for his majesty must be penned with Ink made here in Spain! It would be a travesty to use a lesser ink on his correspondence."

The calligrapher then produced 4 jars of ink.

"Only one of these jars contain acceptable ink. Each of you shall inspect the ink and determine which jar you would use in your duties."

One by one the apprentices inspected the ink. They inspected color, fragrance, viscosity, some even tasked the ink in their quest to identify the acceptable ink.

 Finally it was Pablo's turn to inspect the jars. He moved from jar to jar inspecting the inks, colors, smells, and viscosity. Dipping his fingers in each ink then wiping them on his palm to clear his fingers for the next ink. 

Suddenly, Pablo's palm began to itch. It itched worse than anything he had ever experienced before. He began to rub his palm on his leg to itch it. The itching spread to his leg. He began to panic and curse scratching like mad until he drew blood. 

The calligrapher and other apprentices stood in shock at the vulgar scene unfolding in front of them.

Turns out none of them expected the Spanish ink quiz itchin.

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