Wednesday, May 5, 2021

So After Thirteen Years Of This Blog Stuff, What Do You Like?

I was just on the back porch turning it into a PVC Foundry.  I have a special need for a specific shape of pipe and I was realizing that it was time to come in.  I didn't have anything loaded in the blog for Wednesday, and wanted to rectify that.

After all, in a nearly 90 degree day under a tin roof, running a propane stove is not the most comfortable thing to do.  

Partially Melting PVC pipe is not a common pursuit unless you are trying to fit conduit into a specific bend in the world, so it was time to come in and shower off. 

Hey, I could have "accidentally" fallen into the pool, accidentally.  It's 84F in the water, and we hardly ever use the blasted thing.

But I have been doing this blog thing since 2009 and it gave me an excuse to do some naval gazing.   You see, the weekend posts are jokes that I have enjoyed at some weird level.  They are surprisingly well read, and there are people who come back and read them on here and the Wordpress mirror of the blog.

Over the past year, this is the sort of thing that you and others have been reading.

Not that everyone has a need to use Linux, but there are always some hits on my Linux posts every day.  In fact there is a hunger for verified information about the third most popular operating system on the desktop and laptop, and I am quite comfortable giving it.

Number 1 and 10 were people trying to get their Tap To Click working on their Debian laptops.  I exclusively use Linux for my own purposes, and many of you have left Windows behind because you ... I Won't Stand On A Soapbox much with this, but it runs faster, does more with less, and all the software is completely free. 

Free Software?  What a concept!

1 - For Debian 10 How To Get Tap To Click Back

10 For Debian 9 How To Get Tap To Click Back

Number 2 was for people who have the same problem I do with the tub.  It has settled over the years and we had to install a Backer Rod.  I've done this a couple times since I originally wrote the article and I stand behind it.

Number 3 was How To Syringe Feed Your Dog with Chronic Renal Failure.  This is something every dog owner will eventually decide if they can do.  I did with my girl Lettie and we gave her an extra year to live using it.  I refuse to feed Rack any commercial dog food as a result, and he's eating as well as I personally do.  I have been on what I call a Training Diet longer than most have been alive and it is working for both of us.

Number 4 is How to Fix your Ruined Cream Cheese Out of the Freezer.  Yes, I cook a lot, and most things get dropped directly into the freezer.  Once I tried to freeze cream cheese.  Don't, it makes a mess and the cheese "breaks".

Number 5 - Gold Medal Flour - Extraordinary Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe  I use this blog as a scratchpad for life.  All my recipes come here and if I really like them, I will refine them with hints.  This was one of the recipes.

Number 6 - So You Want To Drive Across The County For a Bolt?  The Broken Poang Story.  It is one of those Flight Of Fancy Stories that we all have inside of ourselves.  Ikea's Poang Chair fits me amazingly.  It does not fit everyone.  I am 6'4" and 213 athletic pounds, this morning.  I like the chair so much that I have three of the things, including one rocker.  They will give you parts, if they are missing and the Allen key you use to build Ikea furniture is so useful that it actually fits my inline skates.

Number 7 - Propagating Ruellia.  These things are so easy they will propagate themselves, but if you want some in your property, here's how to make more from a cutting.

Number 8 - The Mango Jam Recipe.  Season is coming up and I need more Mango!  MORE!!!! WE LOVE MANGO!!!  And this is how I have the stuff until Winter.  If you have a mango tree on your property, and are nearby, let me pick a bucket and I'll gift you some preserves back.  Limited Time Only, FOB My Front Porch, blah-blah-blah-weasel-words.

And Finally

Number 9 - Killing the Night Blooming Jasmine With Kindness.  I have never gotten this plant to propagate, which is unfortunate.  The flowers are beautiful and scented.  You can add the dried blossoms to tea and it makes some wonderful tea.  The plants we have are being replaced with Iguana Resistant Hibiscus.  People seem to find this article around this time of year most heavily.

So that's it.  I only do this sort of post infrequently.  I do have some pictures in the camera that I will get on here eventually but for now I think my morning coffee has to be refilled!

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