Saturday, May 8, 2021

Nothing ruins your Friday like finding out it’s only Thursday.

Ok, so we all want a Genie and three wishes but...


Genie in a glass bottle

One day a man was doing throwing practice with his wife while on a vacation, when suddenly he missed and the ball flew into a nearby house. They ran over when they heard glass breaking and saw a weird looking guy staring back.

The weird guy quickly came up to them and started thanking them, "I am a genie who was stuck in a glass bottle for many years. It's thanks to you two, who ended up breaking the bottle, that I was got freedom. So, as a reward, I'll give you two wishes. But I'll keep the last one for myself. If that's okay with you, then ask away. " Hearing this, the man excitedly replied," Wow! In that case, my first wish is that I want to have a Ferrari. And my next wish is that I should get a billion dollars! "

The genie replied," Done and done! You'll find a Ferrari and a billion dollars when you go back home! Now, as for my wish, I want to sleep with your beautiful wife over here. "

The couple thought for a while and decided that allowing this much was fine after what he had given them.

So the man went inside the house, turned on the TV and started watching the football game that was coming,while the wife followed the genie upstairs to the bedroom.

When the reached the door, the genie said, "Ma'am, how old is your husband?"

The wife replied, "He's 26, why do you ask?"

The genie said, "When do you think that he'll be old enough to stop believing in genies?"

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