Wednesday, October 27, 2021

An Inline Skater Tries Biking And Finds It's Not Completely Terrible

 When you plan your workouts in terms of hours, it gives you plenty of time to think.  It no longer is a workout but "logistics".  When I workout, I usually am at about a 12 on a 10 Point Scale.

I really should train for the marathon skate workouts I used to do before I got down here but the trails in South Florida are not as good as they were in Philadelphia.  Up there, I'd do 33 miles 3 times a week, and a wee bit more just to claim the 100 miles this week... then repeat from April to October.

Here, the best trail I found in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area is only 4.6 miles at the Pompano Beach Airpark.  Yes, Only 4.6 miles.  It's a bit short for me.

Add to all that nonsense what is happening in the world.  

I kept reading that the Emergency Wards were filling up with people who were unvaccinated against Covid.  A few breakthrough cases here and there, but they were few.

I panicked.  You see on a good day there is nothing I like better than getting on my inline skates and rolling out a good hour flying down a trail.

Then there are bad days.  A bit of unseen garbage on the trail and I'm down.

So let's pivot our workout.

I first tried running knowing full well it would not last.  One month later my knee was complaining and it was time to stop.  The cardio aspect was great, but my knees were damaged from Football, Skating, and Running "Back in the Day".  I used to run 10K, three times a week at Valley Forge National Park.  There's a hill there that is about a 30% incline.  Oh and I was also 20 to 30 pounds lighter than I am now.  I'm also 30 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of Covid, but now I am a lot more muscular than I was back at my running days.

So I pivoted again.  This time to the bike.

Mind you I'm not fond of a bike.  As I have heard and said... "If I am going to be sitting on something that uncomfortable as a bike seat, I expect dinner and drinks first".

I managed to find a route around town.  The bike I have here for emergencies took air in the tires and has held the air for a month so far.  The seat was easily upgraded when a neighbor was throwing out his beach cruiser.  All of my equipment was fine.

This bike was small for me, but it was serviceable and sound.  It's sized for someone else, I would need a much bigger bike than this little cruiser.  But it worked.  

Three times a week for the last month I have been carving out a path up and down the main street of my city, listening to Runkeeper's Mr Announcer telling me my statistics and that "You're doing Great!" in a weirdly monotone male voice.   

Some of the other voices are a cringe.  With a Stereotype here and there like a French Woman out of a bad romance comedy, something sounding like a drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, and a weirdly passive sounding male voice, I chose Mr Announcer.  Mr Announcer was basically American Standard English Radio Announcer telling me that my distance was 7.51 miles, average heart rate was 145, and so forth.

Average HR 145?  A bit slow but it will do.  Skating I will average 165 on a slow day, peak over 180. Race Trained, Endurance Honed.

I noticed others noticing me as well. There are plenty of people around who are doing their own workouts and will wave and say hi as you go past, regardless of the workout.  

Back in the bad old days, there was animosity between anyone on a bike towards anyone else.  Why would they like to take a chance with anyone else over their choice of workout I can't understand but I learned a long time ago to just do my thing.

So for the rest of the month, I'm going to continue with the bike.  Next month I think I will try my skates on again at the park.  I need my cardio.  Maybe continue once a week with a bike.  Cross training is good.

Who knows, maybe I can make it through the end of the year without falling on the death nuts that drop with a BANG! from the trees around here.

Until then, it's cardio time.  It's good for the heart and at my level the Runner's High is a truly wonderful thing.  I'll heat treat my boots and be back out there soon enough.

Wanna Skate?  I'm only 1000 miles from my goal of skating once around the world at the equator, 24,701 miles...

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