Sunday, October 10, 2021

What could be the favorite pizza of a dog? Pupper-runi pizza.

Some losses may be your gain

An unemployed man applies for a job as a toilet cleaner at a large computer company and takes an appointment for an interview with the company's manager.

During the interview, the manager told the unemployed person: You have been accepted for the job.

But we need your email to send you the work contract and terms.

The unemployed man replied that he had no e-mail and no computer at home.

The manager replied, "You do not have a computer, which means that you are not present, and if you are not present, it means that you cannot work for us."

The unemployed man came out upset after the doors were closed in his face and he was rejected.

And on his way, he bought with all he had, 10 dollars, 10 kilograms of strawberries, and started knocking on the doors to sell them.

At the end of the day the man earned $20.

After this the man realized that the process is not difficult.

The next day, he started repeating the process 3 times, and after a while the man began to go out early in the morning to buy four times the amount of strawberries.

The man's income began to increase until the man was able to buy a bicycle.

After a period of time and hard work, the man was able to buy a truck until the man owned a small business selling strawberries.

Five years later, the man became the owner of the largest food store.

The man began to think about the future until he decided to insure the company with the largest insurance companies.

In an interview with the insurance company employee, the employee said I agree

But I need your email to send you the insurance contract.

The man replied that he did not have an e-mail and he did not even have a computer.

The insurance employee replied surprisingly, I established the largest food company in five years, and you do not have an email, what would happen if you had an email!!

The man replied to him If I had an email five years ago, I would now be cleaning toilets in a company!!

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