Sunday, October 31, 2021

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? Answer = Thunderwear.

So I finished my Spanish for the day on Duolingo, and it is just about time to get out and have the morning 2 mile march around town.  There was a story about a lady that called a broken arm in a plane crash being not a big thing.  I think she's lost her mind.  But this story fits well with what follows, right?

And since it's a bit short, I have a two fer for you in that same vein!

  Last night my father told me about this insane lady who couldn't even make it past airport security.

"She couldn't even make it past airport security," he had told me. "She was hoppin, skippin, howlin and growlin, saying things like 'can't wait!' 'can't wait!' and airport security just wasn't on board with that psychedelic shit, so they kicked her out."

"Wow," said me. "Was she a five year old?"

"Nah, she was a grown woman, in her thirties at least!"

"Oh, she must've been on drugs."

"That's what security thought too, so they got her tested."

"What was she taking?"

"Nothing apparently! Turns out she was just plane crazy!"


And ...



A man goes to the Doctor,

Who after examining him says, “You have some problems with your heart but I think if you take some tablets you’ll be okay“, So the doctor gives him some tablets and the man asks “Do I have to take them every day?

“No“, “take one on Monday, skip the Tuesday, take one on Wednesday, skip the Thursday, and so on like that.“ Two weeks later the doctor is walking down the street and sees the patient’s wife.

“Hello Mrs Murphy“ He says “And how is your husband?“ “ he died of a heart attack,“ says Mrs Murphy. “I am very sorry to hear that,”Says the doctor, “I thought if he took those tablets he would be alright.“

“All the tablets were fine“ says Mrs Murphy “It was all the skipping that killed him!“

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