Wednesday, March 9, 2022

I Solved The Great Toilet Paper Roll Debate. It Goes Both Ways!

I'm that guy.  I like to see the world burn.  When I go to a party, I find the bathroom and turn the toilet paper roll around just to see if someone notices.

When I lived with someone and I noticed that I was being the one who was always caught putting a new roll on the holder... I put it on "wrong".

I don't care about conventions or patents or what yo' Mama said.  I'll do what I feel like doing in my own house.

So all that grumbling aside, I had recently lived through a major remodeling of my house.

By that I mean strip some walls to the studs, pull all the floors up, paint everything.

The other day I finished the last of the toilet bowl cleaner and the new bottle was covered in construction dust from the summer, so yes, there are corners that I am still cleaning up after.

They pulled the walls off the bathroom and removed the tub so I won't be doing any more write ups about how to repair a gap in the tub and wall, or similar.  We went so far that we discovered subterranean termites had formed a mud tunnel to the studs and that one of the studs in the bathroom was basically paper board and old dead termites.

If your tub is leaking or there's a crack in the wall you will end up having termites, it's a matter of time.  By that time, installing a backer rod will help but only temporarily.  You really should find out why the tub is sagging.

In Florida there are two kinds of people - Those who have Termites, and Those who WILL have Termites.  Give it time.

The team came through and started asking us some very basic questions and eventually it came to the toilet paper holder.  The bathroom is not a large room, I can stand and touch both walls in one direction.  We wanted to save every inch we could, or centimeter since I can do both.  We opted for a two gang toilet paper holder.

Yes, Two Rolls of Toilet Paper on display at one time! 

And yes, you guessed it, I have one roll "over the top" and the other "around the back".

Because I like to see the world burn.

Yes, it will annoy someone with OCD.
Yes, you are welcome to "fix" the direction to the "right" way.
No, I won't stop mounting rolls "wrong".
No, it does not bother me.

So enjoy this picture.  It should annoy someone out there in internet land.

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