Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Mailman just told me a joke. It wasn't that funny, but it was delivered really well.

 Maybe I should have saved this one for Easter but the timing is about right... Nothing like a somewhat offensive joke for Sunday, huh?

Two brothers start up a company that manufactures nails, one is in charge of sales and the other marketing.
They needed a commercial, so the one in charge of marketing got to work.

A few weeks later he excitedly shows the footage to his brother.
It starts with a wide shot of a mob of people on a hill, and zooms in.
Eventually it is clear there are angry people, Roman soldiers, and 3 men on a cross, it zooms in further to one of the men who is Jesus.
The shot zooms in even further to one of the nails in Jesus’ hand and on the head of the nail it reads “MURPHY’S NAILS”.
The brother in charge of sales is in shock for a few moments before exploding, “you IDIOT now our nails are associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, fix this immediately or we are ruined!”
His brother apologizes saying “sorry brother, give me a few days and I will fix this don’t worry!”.

Two days later the brother in charge of marketing tells his brother that he has fixed the commercial and it is ready to broadcast.
It starts again with a wide shot of a mob of people, as it zooms in there are angry citizens and Roman soldiers chasing a figure in bloody robes that is clearly a depiction of Jesus.
It finally zooms in on a lone Roman Centurion who shrugs at the camera and says “we should have used Murphy’s Nails”.

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