Saturday, August 27, 2022

I know it's rude to pick my nose in public but I lost mine and I need a new one.

 Here I sit at sunrise on Saturday morning.  Fully caffeinated so watch out world.  I am considering what to do with the weekend and think we need to hit the market and it means I have to do meal planning.

I know that I want to make some Crumpets from this recipe and that simplifies things since we won't have to go to a specialty market.  I mean come on, this is South Florida, not the middle of the desert.  There are plenty of Brits and UK Subjects running around that Crumpets should not be as expensive and rare as they are for those little pancake looking things but ...

That does not settle my need for Protein since my training diet is hitting hard and each day's workout burn is over 2000 calories a day.  Maybe this story has a bit of help for us?  Hmm what to make?  French Toast?

Thankfully I am not in Texas!

A Frenchman came to Texas to visit an old friend. The Texan picked him up in his gigantic Cadillac with longhorns mounted on the hood. Knowing that his friend must be hungry and thirsty after the long flight, he stopped at a bar and grill on the way. They walked in and took a seat at the bar and the Texan ordered 2 Lone Stars and a bowl of calf fries. The Frenchman looks at the calf fries and asks what they are.

"Them's calf balls!" announces the Texan.

Well, you know how the French are - they eat frogs legs after all - he dove right in and found them delicious, though he wasn't sure about the Lone Star. Soon enough, they've finished the bowl and the Texan orders some lamb fries. And some more beers. Well, the Frenchman has to ask what he's about to eat.

"Them's lamb nuts!" bellows the Texan.

Of course, we all know that the French will eat anything (escargot, anyone?), so he dives right in. Not wanting his friend to go hungry, the Texan orders their meal.

"Ah'd like 2 cheeseburgers with French fries," he tells the waitress.

His friend faints.

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