Sunday, August 21, 2022

Where Did The General Keep His Armies? In his sleevies.

 I have a habit of repairing things.  People have a habit of getting frustrated with things and just tossing them or telling me "Hey Bill, maybe you can fix this?".

I will say that my experience with these kind of glasses are not very good.  Down here, you require Polarized Sunglasses with UV400 protection.

X-Ray Specs are a very different matter!

Good ol' Joe buys a pair of cheap Chinese "infrared" glasses online despite many warnings from his buddy Jeff

He wears them to office in the morning and sees everyone naked.

He takes them off and everyone has their clothes on.

In the evening, he wears them to the mall and sees everyone naked.

He takes them off for a moment and everyone has their clothes on again.

He goes home at night and wears them only to find his wife in bed with some guy, both naked.

He takes off the glasses and they both are still naked !!!

Joe immediately calls Jeff and says.. “Should have listened to you... they didn't even last a day!”

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