Sunday, September 25, 2022

What are the strongest days? Saturday and Sunday; the rest are weekdays.

It's Sunday.  I can commiserate with the guy in the story.  I just went for a 20 mile plus bike ride and am melting into a puddle in a big green comfy chair.  But I did not forget to hydrate and in about an hour I will be having what I have been told is the British Lunch Of Champions - Curried Chicken on Chips.  Fries to us Yanks.


My wife reminds me everything

My wife reminds me every day before I leave something I forgot and wanted to leave.

Sometimes the car keys, sometimes the watch, sometimes the house keys, sometimes important documents, sometimes my mobile, and it makes me feel old and my memory is weak. So I decided to put a limit on my forgetfulness so that I don't get told that you are forgetful anymore.

Today, when I woke up, I took a small book and a pen and wrote down everything that I think, don't forget, take it forward.

While my wife was in the bathroom, I put on my work clothes and happily took my notes and left for work feeling accomplished.

A few minutes later my wife called me and I said: "Don't interrupt my work, I haven't forgotten anything today."

She replied: "Come back today it's Sunday"

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