Saturday, September 17, 2022

Why did the dog cross the road? Because someone left the door open.

 Actually, none of my dogs were "bolters".  Not the kind that would run off out of the house unless they knew that it was time for a WALK! and we were going somewhere.

If yours is, the problem is in the mirror.

For that matter, come to think of it, neither is my parrot.  I have had the cage outside and he just calls to me through the window.  Silly bird, you know how to open that door!  This is the same bird that would sit inside and call to people with a wolf whistle and confuse them.

They do that sort of thing from time to time.

So this woman got a new job a short walk from her house.
On her way to work her first day she walks in front of a pet store with a parrot in a cage out front.
As she walks by the parrot they look at each other and the parrot says "damn girl you are uuuuglyyy".
She is seriously offended and thinks about this all day at work.

She thought on her way home if the parrot says anything to her again she will go inside and tell the owner about his rude parrot.
So sure enough on her walk home as soon as the parrot sees her he says "damn girl you sure are ugly".
She gets pissed off and goes inside to tell the owner.

The owner is very apologetic and assures her it will not happen again.
She is satisfied and goes on home.

Then next day on her way to work she notices the parrot outside again and walks slowly by him, they both lock eyes and the parrot looks at her and says "you know".

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