Saturday, May 6, 2023

A block of cheese... is just a loaf of milk.

Well, yes, it is.  It is a way to preserve milk just like the Yogurt I need to make.  Oh well yet another task for the day!

After reading the comments on the coronation today on the BBC, I thought this might be a bit apt.  No matter where you stand on the British Monarch, he is there for life or however long the British people will have him.  There are many who are conflicted, and I personally don't get a say in it.  Good luck with your coronation and your decisions, we always stand with the British People.

Farmer Murphy and the Brit

Farmer Murphy is working on his fence when a British tourist startled him by honking his car’s horn.

"I say," asked the Brit "does this road go to the Castle?"

"I do believe it does. Just keep on as you were." Farmer Murphy goes back to his business. About 10 minutes later, the Brit comes back up the road.

“I say, my good man, there's a stream crossing this road. Is it safe to cross it in my car?"

Farmer Murphy says, "Right, I should think you'll be fine." And the Brit drives off again. Farmer Murphy goes back to his business, he's working away and slowly becomes aware of a sloshing, dripping, stomping sound getting louder.

He looks up. It's the Brit. He does not look happy! "I say!" the Brit rants, "you told me it was safe to cross that stream."

“I did that."

"Well, I nearly drowned! That stream is deep enough to completely cover my car!" Farmer Murphy has himself a smile and replies, "That's odd. It only comes halfway up on the ducks."

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