Sunday, June 18, 2023

Did you hear about the lawyer who got pulled over? They did not use attorney signal.

 While I have had my share of injuries in both of my sports in the past.  Not to worry, I'm fine.

On the other hand I can actually see something like this craziness happening around here.  Instant a-hole?  Just add alcohol!

Well, I'm in the emergency room.

I'm not sure how many bones are broken so today is not a good day.
I decided to go horseback riding.
Something I haven't done in many many years !!!.
It turned out to be a big mistake!
I got on the horse and started out slowly, but then we went a little faster; before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go.
I couldn't take the pace and fell off, but caught my foot in the stirrup with the horse dragging me.
It just wouldn't stop!
Thankfully the manager at the toy store came out and unplugged the machine.
He actually had the nerve to take the rest of my change so I wouldn't attempt to ride the Elephant...

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