Sunday, June 25, 2023

How does a flower whistle? Through its tulips!


Frank and Fiona Lames were very upstanding citizens.

They worked very normal 9-5s, were involved in the community, and cheered for [insert reader’s favorite sports team].

The lovely couple had two teenage children: Felicity and Felix. The two youngsters were nothing like their parents. They went were pranksters and miscreants, always getting up to no good.

One day, Frank and Fiona awoke to the sound of police knocking wildly on their door.

After opening the door, a red-faced, angry cop started shouting at Frank: “Mr. Lames! This town has had it with your children. Are you aware that City Hall is engulfed in flames? The fire department has been at it for hours trying to quell the fire. We know it had to have been one of your kids who lit the building on fire.”

Frank was in shock. He and Fiona had tried all their lives to keep their children in good conduct and be upstanding citizens. But he knew. His children were the only ones in town that would do something so devious.

“Well,” asked the cop. “Which one did it? Was it your daughter?”

“N-no,” stammered Frank, ashamed. He knew his children well enough.

“It wouldn’t have been our daughter.

It must have been arson.”

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