Wednesday, October 25, 2023

A Sunrise Step Onto The Yard

 This is one of those things where it's just something I like.

Every time I walk out of the front door, after I gather myself and the rest together, I step into the front yard.  Oh yes, we all do I suppose. 

Onto the grass, look up.  What do we see?

The first walk it is still decidedly dark so I look for "My" stars.  There are two that I am following across the sky.  They come in with the moon and work their way up high from over the beach to over the Mango tree and then to rest.  I have been wondering if I am not just staring up at a constellation of satellites, but it has kept me entertained at 5:30 in the morning.

The second walk is right around sunrise.  If it is timed right, it can be spectacular.  This particular morning was burnished in color.  Step out onto the driveway and turn toward the distantly rising sun.  It was currently out in the Atlantic, maybe over the Bahamas, Mon.

Rack was raring to go for his walk, but I pulled rank so that I could frame the picture.  I have others that are perfect for framing inside the house.  I'm not sure if it will ever get there, but that is the intent. 

On the other hand, there is my Involuntary Palm Tree.  That particular tree, front and center in my garden island, was a "weed" tree that got started in a pot in back by the pool.  By the time I got ready to pull the thing, it refused to be pulled.  It was also about waist high, so I decided to let it stay.  It's now over 20 feet tall.

It also framed the sunrise quite nicely.  Along with the yard's candle on the lamppost, I spent a bit of time being chided by my faithful sidekick, Rack, The McNab SuperDog (TM) to get on our way.

Just another picture and I got what I wanted.  A bit of a commune with the sunrise and we went on our way for our mile.

The other two walks are at dinner when everyone is out and about, and the final walk of the day where I get to see an occasional shooting star coming in hot from the ocean.

Don't forget to make a wish.

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