Sunday, October 22, 2023

I can't understand how people are fine with eating hot dogs. I think they're just offal!

 Was looking at a couple of pictures of some things that "We Used To Do Back In The Day" and saw a picture of someone setting out a plate of hot dogs using white bread for the rolls.  First, only if "Mom Didn't Go Shopping".  And Second... toast the damn things! 

Oh and they had better be Kosher Hot dogs.  Those are the bomb!  I don't feel so bad about eating floor sweepings if they're made with pride.

I can think of about 49 people this applies to.  Give or take...

There was a gaming addict, a senator, and a show-off standing in front of the gates of heaven

The three of them then entered through the gate, following the signs, and arrived at a room where many people were queuing up. Suddenly, God appeared out of nowhere and said, 'Heaven is now overcrowded, so in order to be able to enter here, you will have to speak your true thoughts about yourselves in front of the magic mirror inside this room. If you speak the truth, you will be allowed inside. But if you lie, you will go to hell.'

After a long wait in line, the three of them finally took their turn. The gaming addict went in first and told the mirror that he believed he had truly overcome his addiction to games. Poof! The gaming addict was sent to hell. He was actually just trying to suppress his desire for gaming but hadn't really overcome it.

The senator entered next, with a smug expression on his face, and said, 'I think I'm very handsome and I do my job well.' Poof! The senator went to hell just like the gaming addict. He did a lot, but everything is so terrible.

Lastly, only the show-off remained. Without any nervousness, he walked in and shouted, 'I think...'

Poof! The show-off went straight to hell.

He had never truly known what thinking was.

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