Sunday, October 29, 2023

Me and my son are getting glasses today. And after that? We'll see.

Since it is Sunday, and I have already had my marathon on the bike, then upgraded this computer to Debian 13 (Trixie), now it is time to tempt fate with a little god-ish story.

God woke up with an unholy hangover.

He was rubbing His temples as one of His angels knocked gently on the door.

“Enter if you must!” God shouted.

"Sorry to disturb You, Sir," the angel said hesitantly. "But I wanted to congratulate you on yesterday's creations. For the most part, they were spectacular!"

"What…?" God mumbled blearily. The angel held up a clipboard.

"This majestic creature you named ferret! It's as if a rodent became a dog!" The angel manifested one for the Lord to behold. "So cute!”

God groaned.

The angel disintegrated the ferret and hastily flipped the page.

"And this one was graced with the name 'kangaroo,” said the angel. “Anf look here! You put a little pocket on its belly so it could hold its baby on the outside!"

God grunted and snatched the clipboard, flipping several pages before stopping suddenly, frozen in shock.

“And what in My name do We have here...?"

The angel glanced over his shoulder. "Oh, um...."

He shuffled uncomfortably. "This was just before You passed out, and we were worried You'd be upset about its creation. But You seemed to like it! You were very adamant about naming it--"

"I WASN'T NAMING IT!" God bellowed in disgust. "I saw a beaver mating a duck and I told it to stop!!"

The angel's eyes widened. "OHH, that makes much more sense now," he said, glancing at the clipboard. "All You kept shouting was “Pulloutapuss! Pulloutapuss!”

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