Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The surprise goody box!

Having an irritating day? 

Wait until the Goody Box gets here.

Thanks, Pat!  You do know what I like even after my having moved to Florida 17 years ago.

Actually I have lived in this particular house longer than I have anywhere else so go fig!

Had gotten out after getting a new battery for the car and went gone out for a drive.  Do that in South Florida and it will convince you that a sports car is pointless.   I see too much of those around here sitting in traffic being frustrated.  Went 25 miles and never got over 45 even on the Interstate.

Meh.  Pointless rant aside, it's always nice to have something show up as a surprise on the door step.  Rack didn't even announce it's approach, which is a surprise.  A win for playing music in the house I guess.

Me?  I'm running late this holiday season.  I still haven't mailed anything out.  Had some major things to get through this month and well, I'm on the bench, Coach. 

So to you and yours, have a wonderful holiday season, which ever holiday you celebrate.

Now, I'm going to the kitchen and have a wee bit of chocolate.  Don't tell anyone.

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  1. And Happy Christmas to you, or whatever celebration you do! I’ve enjoyed your stories and jokes this year. Em