Sunday, December 3, 2023

Why did the house go to the doctors? It had window pains.

Sundays are for early days at the park, a two-fer, and doing oddball things.  Lets do oddball things together.

A naked man walks into the doctors office and says says, “doc, I think I’m going crazy”.
Doctor replies, “I can clearly see you’re nuts"

Polar bear hunting

A man is having trouble with a polar bear roaming around his remote cabin, so he calls up a famous polar bear behavior expert to ask about the best way of trapping or killing it.

“First, you have to wait for winter. You have a river or pond near your property?”

“I do,” the man acknowledges.

“Good. So what you do is, once it freezes over, drill a big hole in the ice. Then get a can of peas - any brand will do - and sprinkle them around the edges of the hole. Polar bears love canned peas.”

“And what then?”

“Then when the bear comes to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole.”

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