Saturday, December 16, 2023

What did the man do when he had the opportunity to win a free hot dog? He relished it.

It's a really crazy weather week here in So Flo.  All the flakes are blowing around, all the snowbirds are hiding.  High winds, rains, and power outages.  

Since the weather is so crap, here's a two-fer for you.  I'm going to go and make more coffee.

Grandma pig is growing old.

She doesn’t want to worry her grandchildren, so she makes something up for the parents.
The kids watch as Grandma is taken away.

“Where is grandma going?” asks a pig.
“Grandma is sick. They’re gonna help her. You won’t see her again for a long time though.” Dad replies.

A week later, the piglets see Grandma’s body being taken to the farmhouse.
“Dad! Dad! They’re taking away Grandma! Isn’t she still sick?”

Dad thinks and replies,
“She’s all better now. I might even say she’s cured.”

Voodoo ...

A ghost seeks out a voodo priest. He wants to return to life, so that he can save his family. The voodoo priest feeling sympathetic to ghost's plight, acquiesces.

The ceremony begins. The ghost slowly regains his body. His head takes physical form but as soon as his neck appears, a powerful voodoo god bursts forth.

The diety thunders "How dare you disrupt the natural order ..!"

The ghost pleading before the diety, explains his reasons.

The diety softens and says "Your transgression is pardoned but only if you quit while you're a head."

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