Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hoping to travel to the Mediterranean this Thanksgiving. I heard they got a whole country made of Turkey!

Having a rest just like this guy in the story?  Good day for it too, nice and warm but not hot, breezy but not too windy.  Just not crazy, huh?

 The mental asylum was getting full and they had to discharge some patients

The psychiatrist devised a simple test to see which patients had recovered enough to return to society. He assembled all patients and drew a door on a chalkboard. He then announced that whoever was able to open that door would be released from the asylum.

Chaos broke out! The patients began running and fighting to be first to the chalkboard. They began to push, kick, scratch and even bite the door.

Disappointed, the psychiatrist was about to give up when he saw a patient calmly standing next to the wall. Hopefully, he approached the patient and asked him, "Why aren't you rushing to the door?"

The patient replied, " I'm not so mad as the rest to rush to it. There's no way they can open it."

The psychiatrist asked him, "Why's that?"

"I have the key!" the patient replied

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