Sunday, June 23, 2024

I need a bagel like I need a hole in my bread!

 Here I sit.  Foot up on the arm of the couch, sipping half-caff because the Radar says that my workout park is under an interesting dark green blob of a thunderstorm.

I just explained to my sister from another mister up North that weather here is like a bowling alley.  Usually you end up with a split except when everyone gets wet with a strike.

Usually storms come at you from any direction and can miss you by just as much as a block.  With the park only 8 miles North of me, I'm sitting here dry.

Sipping coffee.  Want some? 

What did my wondering eyes behold.

After a brutal late Autumn wind storm I noticed that my young Elm tree had finally lost all of its leaves in preparation for the cold snowy winter ahead.
I smiled to my self realizing how nature helps all creatures prepare for the coming seasonal changes.
But then my gaze was drawn to a red shotgun shell which had lodged near the top of the tree.
I don't know if it was ejected there, or carried by a bird but you can imagine my surprise at seeing...
A cartridge in a bare tree.

A child goes up to their mom.
The child looks at their mom and asks, "Mommy, why are some of your hairs gray?"
A little embarrassed, the mother comes up with an explanation that would be easy for the child to understand saying, "Well, those are my sad hairs. Every time you make me feel sad, one of my hairs turns gray."
"Oh," the child responds thinking on the answer. After a moment, they look up and ask, "So what did you do to Grandma?"

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