Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So what is this bar thing at the bottom?


It allows you to chat, if someone else is there you can even talk to someone else.

The bar at the bottom will talk with Facebook and show you the group that I set up.

There will be a map that shows you where the last few people are who hit the page.

There is a link on the bottom that shows you how many people liked the page.

That's the short and sweet.  I have been wondering who if anyone has been reading my blog.  I sit down after I make my coffee in the morning, before I do the job search, and I check things out.  Each page that I write, the blog entries are basically a "Brain Dump".  I sit there and think of a topic, or post a picture and write about it.  I have wondered whether or not there was a reason for me to continue, and knowing that there's someone who I don't know in Washington who has been reading me daily for a while, does make it worth it. 

I know when I posted something about GFS, it wandered all through their corporate HQ and I got a real spike in traffic.  Great shop by the way, if you have a GFS nearby, go and explore.  Their food is high quality and if the other stores are anything like the one in Fort Lauderdale, they'll be just as amazing as well.  Real nice folks down here, I'm sorry I didn't go in earlier.  Very helpful and very friendly.

There are some posts that get hit more than others of course.  The ones I wrote about the Poang chair last summer constantly get hit more than every other day.  The one where I basically trash a Swiffer gets hit a little less but there is a lot of interest in those as well.

I'm not a corporation, I haven't earned a penny from the Blog, but knowing that people are interested keeps me going.  Being able to track what everyone likes to read is good for me because I can write more about that sort of thing.  This is all opinion, and if I'm wrong... well I'm wrong and it won't be the first time.

I will hop in the chat bar every so often.  If you see someone in there say hi.  I'll be surprised but happily so.

If you are on Facebook, feel free to join the group.   I'll post the day's link in there as well as in my own FB page.  It isn't a very popular blog, I've got around 100 readers, which is surprising as well.   I hated to write in school and writing here was a pleasant change of pace for me. 

Being a Project Manager, I've found that this is a good outlet for me to write instructions to folks who have technical questions.  If I get long winded, well that's all part of the job I guess. 

For now, the immediate payback is that if I get this to work, I'll add this sort of thing to a client's web page and be able to help that group touch other people's lives with their own message. 

So feel free, read, and enjoy.  By all means, let me know what you think!  I've got almost a full year (next week will be the anniversary) of postings and they're all online in the archives.  My personal schedule is to put up one new posting a day, at 8 in the morning, my time in Florida. 

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