Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Pat

Today's my sister's birthday. 

Happy Birthday Pat.   You're 1200 miles from here but certainly not forgotten.   There's something coming from a website for you...

Not this, this message I had planned on doing.  It is after all an open letter to my sister.   I figure at least 50 people will see this just today. 

Everyone pause, stop what you're doing, wherever you are and say "Happy Birthday Pat!".

Thank you!

On Tuesday, I looked up from the dust of the insanity that is going on here around me - the island of calm.  I realized that I hadn't sent Pat the gift I had planned, and missed the day.  It was still two days, but not enough time to get a card to Philadelphia.   I was doing my normal morning surf when I spotted something for her.  It's very Florida.  We see this sort of thing every day and like everything else, they tend to fade into the background for most people.

Not for me.  When I see this item, it brings a smile to my face.

I'm not going to say what it is, it will be a surprise.   Hopefully Pat will like it.  She may even write out a few paragraphs and email it to me when it gets there some time next week.  Take a picture and email that along if you like.  I'll post it all.

Turn this blog for a day from "An open letter to my sister" to "An open letter FROM my sister".

When I was up there, I  never made the trip to visit nearly enough.  Work gets in the way, the distance and the driving time were just enough to make it something to think about.  She visited my house twice - it was in the big bad city... even if it was in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.   People in the region generally don't drive that far.  It just isn't a habit you need to get into.  More than 30 minutes in the car and we get fidgety.   It isn't like here where people just pop down to South Beach, an hour away, and consider that close.

Now, she's happily married to a great guy, Mike.  She's got a wonderful son, my nephew, Jonathan.  She's living in a suburban dream of a split level in South Jersey near where I grew up. 

Nice life Pat.  Enjoy!

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  1. Awwwwww Thanks Bill for the shout out on my birthday in your blog! And I would love anything Florida-anything that reminds me of the beach and the beautiful sunshine!!!
    And no matter how far we live from one another I love you with all my heart and think of you often! Love ya-your Sis! :)